Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken Delicious Dish For Your Daily Life

Butter Chicken in addition to containing a high protein is also a material that is easily processed into a variety of cuisines. No wonder there are so many variations of Butter Chicken dishes with basic ingredients. This time we want to give a butter sauce chicken recipes are quite simple to follow. With ingredients and seasonings that can easily be found in stores or markets. Butter fried chicken recipe tasty indeed be one option to complement the dish menu of daily specials. How to make Butter Chicken can use many kinds of method.

To cook Butter Chicken sauce recipe, you can choose a solid fleshy chicken or soft chicken meat country. Choose a whole chicken that is clean and plump and do not forget to coat the chicken with lemon before cooking. In addition to eliminating the fishy smell can also make it easier seasoning seep into the meat of Butter Chicken.

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer Delicious Food From India That Give You Amazing Taste

The color is green with a creamy texture similar to porridge. Made of spinach and cheese so fresh tasty-savory taste delicious. The most delicious eaten with naan bread or rice, although of no less delicious vegetables with other curries. Palak paneer is a typical food of India and Pakistan. Its main ingredient is composed of pure spinach (palak) and paneer (Indian cheese). Even though it looks less attractive and solid green, creamy curry is healthy and it tastes delicious. Palak paneer are usually eaten with rice or naan bread.

Foods derived from North India are suitable for vegetarians. Since most Indians do not eat meat, especially beef, they use paneer cheese. Paneer cheese does not use rennet cow, but only milk cooked with lemon. Protein content in the paneer was complete fiber and vitamins contained by spinach leaves. Palak paneer famous come from the Punjab region. Materials used are the leaves of spinach, paneer cheese, cilantro, and tomatoes. Coriander, cumin, turmeric, and garam masala used as it ingredients. As for the ingredients, the Indians used to use garlic, onions, ginger, and salt.

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Rendang Padang

Rendang Padang Meat Dish From Minangkabau, Indonesia That Full Of Savoriness

Recipes How to Make Beef Rendang Padang Typical, typical of the food is coming from Padang, not only popular in Indonesia, even outside the country of Indonesia were much favored as evidence of one restaurant that provides special food desert opened in America. Naturally, if one is favored food to residents outside Indonesia, because rendang padang is one delicious meal of beef not only alone but seasoning or sauce of rendang padang are savory and delicious that can spoil our tongue with such delicacy.

Well on this occasion I as the author will give a little information to all readers who have a hobby of cooking in how To Make Beef Rendang Padang Typical very tasty. Seasoning Recipe Rendang Padang Genuine, as well as an easy way to make spice blend recipes beef rendang padang original, cooking tips r rendang padang meat that is rich in spices and of course very tasty and delicious, and friends can also try to make recipes beef rendang padang yourself at home who a traditional Minangkabau cuisine.


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Madura Satay

Satay Madura Original Recipes Come From Madura, Indonesia That Will Make Your Tongue Dance

Madura is a small island close to almost join the island of Java; it came under the province of East Java. When talking about Madura certainly crossed our minds satay seller wearing a red and white shirt with black pants around the village. It is very well known for madura satay. Sate is a food with pieces of meat were stabbed and burned with a smear of soy sauce seasoning. Lots creations satay in Indonesia, almost every region has its own characteristics alone.

The most popular is madura satay because this area has a secret recipe handed down from his ancestors. But now you will know the secret of the satay Madura. For mutton satay is one of the culinary typical of Madura, City where people are very distinctive accent and livelihood there is a madura satay merchant. Tips to make satay Madura goat meat are tender and delicious is to use young goat meat. Satay usually uses a young goat meat known as satay lamb or young goat madura satay.